Designing Data Environments

Designing Data Environments

October 24, 2017

Information technology is changing the way we perceive brands, do business, and conduct our everyday lives.

Millions of interactions are recorded, tracked and analyzed. This is seen in the great array of places and the channels through which information is expressed — examined, interpreted, and communicated. And the surge of data-tracking technologies has significantly shaped how we interact with information, and is gradually redefining how we experience the world around us – as individuals and as a community.

Indeed, data permeates everything — from our bodies, homes, and work culture, to our city’s infrastructure and urban spaces. It gives people and businesses, small and large, the insight they need to effect meaningful change.

Being a designer today often always implies working closely with organizations to empower them with ways of understanding their present and imagining better futures. We now have the unique opportunity, as designers, to operate between…read more
By Nour Diab Yunes

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