The Right Way To Select Technology: A Book Excerpt

The Right Way To Select Technology: A Book Excerpt

September 28, 2017

Chapter 5: Why User Stories Are Everything

At this phase, you can convert requirements into user stories that are intelligible to anyone and are testable throughout the forthcoming selection process. User stories are short, real-life narratives that describe your information, your processes, your people, your customers, and your anticipated business results.

After defining the business case, it’s the most important foundational work you will do, so spend some time to get it right — bbut don’t agonize over the details, since you’ll have the opportunity to modify them as you learn more throughout the selection process.

How to Structure a User Story

There are many ways to structure user stories and indeed, some software development methodologies offer very specific guidelines. For the purposes of technology selection, we suggest a seven-part structure for each:

  1. Title: The name of the journey
  2. Task profile/persona…read more
    By Jarrod Gingras, Tony Byrne

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