What Do You Do When Someone "Steals" Your Amazing Idea

What Do You Do When Someone "Steals" Your Amazing Idea

August 29, 2017

The subject line read: “did you see this?” The message was from my editor Jen. “Nir, I saw the headline on this story and thought it might be written by you — but no!” she wrote. “Very weird.” I instantly clicked on the link she’d sent.

It was uncanny! An article written by Christopher Mele at the New York Times, freakishly similar to a post I’d written but hadn’t yet published.

My first thought was that I’d accidentally tweeted a link to my draft or published my post by mistake. It was as if someone had hacked into my computer or read my mind. Mele’s article used the same examples, cited the same research, and even linked to the same sources. I was so surprised, I sent Mele an email (though I’d never been in contact with him before),…read more
By Nir Eyal

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